Ocoee River Rapids

Ocoee River Rapids

The Ocoee River is made up of three river sections. Of these only Two have rapids for rafting, the Upper Ocoee River and the Middle Ocoee River.

Upper Ocoee Rapids:

The Upper Ocoee is exciting and adventurous and has both Class III and Class IV rapids. On the Upper Ocoee section guests get to raft the awesome rapids of the White Water Course used in the 1996 Olympic Games.

  1. Bush Gardens
  2. Tombstone
  3. Mikey’s 
  4. Let’s Make A Deal
  5. Best Ledge
  6. Smiley Face
  7. Callihan’s Ledge
  8. Godzilla
  9. Humongous
  10. Roach Motel
  11. Edge Of The World

Middle Ocoee Rapids:

The Middle Ocoee is splashy and exciting and has a great mix of Class III and Class IV rapids. With over 23 major rapids the Middle section is a white water playground with nearly non stop splashing, wave trains and surf spots.

  1. Grumpy
  2. Entrance Rapid
  3. Gonzo Shoals
  4. Broken Nose
  5. Slice and Dice (Second Helping)
  6. Moon Chute
  7. Double Suck
  8. Hell’s Half Mile
  9. Double Trouble
  10. Left Right Left
  11. Squeeze Play
  12. Flipper
  13. Hollywood Hole
  14. Hiwassee Shoals
  15. Sneaky Pete
  16. Surprise
  17. Tablesaw
  18. Diamond Splitter
  19. Western Flyer
  20. Dixie Drive
  21. Sling Shot (Accelerator)
  22. Cat’s Pajamas (Torpedo, Juicer, or Champagne)
  23. Hell Hole
  24. Powerhouse

No experience is necessary on either section of the Ocoee River because all the trips are fully guided by certified guides.

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