Ducky Nantahala Rafting

Ducky Nantahala River White Water Rafting
Duration: Half Day
Time on Water: 2 hours
Minimum Age: 7+ years or 60lbs
Intensity: Intermediate

If the ultimate Nantahala River adventure is what you seek, then a Nantahala Ducky Trip  with Carolina Outfitters will give it to you. We provide you with a small one person or two person inflatable kayak, a safety talk, some instruction, and then access for you to explore the Nantahala River on your own. Our Duckies (sometimes calls Funkays) are small, closes to the water, and highly maneuverable. Once you have rafted the Nantahala River a few time Duckying the river is the natural progression to experience all the Nantahala has to provide on your own term. The awesome class II white water is fun to plow though, surf in, and drop through. When getting to the last rapid of the trip, Nantahala Falls, there is easy to use beach that allows you get out and scout the rapid or decide not to run the rapid at all. If this is more adventure than you are looking for than checkout our Guided Nantahala Trips or Non Guided Nantahala Trips.


Duckies NantahalaSun – Fri

Nantahala River Rafting

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