Grumpy Rapid – Middle Ocoee River


Grumpy Rapid is the first rapid on the Middle Ocoee River. It has two stories that go along with how it got its name. The first is that if you swim in this rapid you are going to be grumpy for the rest of your trip. There are many shallow rock that can make a swim a bit unpleasant. The second story is that the water flowing over the dam is Snow White and the small rapid below it are the seven dwarfs, with the biggest being Grumpy.

In order to run Grumpy Rapid correctly you must first make it through a small gate between Whiteface Rock and Pyramid Rock. This means you have to be ready to paddle well right from the put-in. Once through the gate line up on either side of the hole and hold on tight. When through the rapid smile big to your right because there is almost always someone there to get your picture.