What Is The Carolina Ocoee Difference?

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On the Ocoee River there are many options a guest has in choosing a white water adventure company, 23 outfitters to be exact. Out of all these companies everyone of them has an outpost, boats, paddles, life jackets, and buses. We all raft down the same river and go through all the same rapids. So what would make anyone of the Ocoee River outfitters different than the others?

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors when it come to how a white water outfitter markets themselves. Some will boast about there outpost, gear, store or even a cheap price. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these things correlate into a quality white water adventure. You must look at our industry as you would a museum or a hospital. All hospitals are the same for the most part, the difference between them is the staff and doctors. A museum’s value is in the art, not the check in desk.

So when we are asked what makes us better than the other companies down the road the answer is always a definitive “OUR GUIDES.”

Now this is a bold statement I know, but it is totally true and this is why we feel so confident in making this remark.

  1. At Carolina Ocoee we do not hire first year guides. No guide is going to cut their teeth trying to learning how to guide while you are in there boat. We hire seasoned and highly experienced guides only. We pride our self on being able to guarantee you a great trip.
  2. Our sole focus is on providing the highest quality white water experience on the Ocoee River. Our guides have chosen guiding as a profession and they take it very seriously. To them this is not just a summer job of partying and playing on the river; this is there profession and they aim to be a pro at it. Seventy-five percent of our guest are repeat customers and we really pride ourselves off the quality of our trips. We will stop taking reservations before we put you with a guide that we don’t trust 100%.
  3. We are unmatched when it comes to our level of experience. We have 9 nine guides on staff with a total of 115 years of experience.

Meet The Carolina Ocoee Guides.

carolina ocoee - barry carolina ocoee - chase carolina ocoee - dan carolina ocoee - duck carolina ocoee - eric carolina ocoee - gregg carolina ocoee - patrick carolina ocoee - pock carolina ocoee - travis

This team gets it done every trip, every time. They are ready to give you the best trip possible on the Ocooe River.

Don’t forget you can request a guide!



Jennifer and Grant Outlaw are co-owners of Carolina Outfitters and Carolina Ocoee.  They’ve been paddling whitewater in the Ducktown, TN and Bryson City, NC rivers for years and know how to help you have a great experience.


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