The Carolina Team

The backbone of Carolina Ocoee is our team that comes together each summer to share this beautiful place. The Ocoee River and the Cherokee National Forest is our playground and we aim to show you all it has to offer. Our team is dedicated to providing the best whitewater experience the Ocoee River has to offer. Our motto is “Team Work Makes The Dream Work.”



Guiding Since 2007

Barry is know for his ability to make his raft dance. It is as if the boat is an extension of himself. When not in a raft he can be found in his kayak or with his dog “Chaco” in his john boat fishing. If you want to here a good story ask him how the owner inadvertently flipped him giving him the nickname “B2.”


Guiding Since 2013

Patrick is our most humble river guide. He never boasts about his skills but with in seconds of being in his raft you will see he is the master of his domain. When not on the Ocoee he spends his time playing with his kids, watching NASCAR, and exploring other rivers.

GR Egg

Guiding Since 1993

There is nothing like a Gregg river trip. He has tricks and maneuvers only he dares to pull off, just ask him about his head stands. When not on the water Gregg is a artist. Some of his woodwork can be seen on display in our outpost.


Guiding Since 2000

Paul is the jolliest guide we have ever had. He is happy on and off the river. If you like jokes and corny puns Paul has plenty, but be careful what you ask for. As well as being a awesome guide he is crazy good with computers and IT stuff.

Daddy Trav

Guiding Since 2011

Daddy Trav is the alter ego of Travis the 4th grade teacher, which is his profession outside of the summer. Daddy Trav gives a wild and hilarious trip. He will also inform you on how to to deal with the various wild life on the river. A little heads up you are going to want to tickle them under the chin.

Uncle Dave

Driving Since 1992

Uncle Dave takes his driving very seriously and we love him for it. On top of driving he keeps the buses running safely and keeps our bellies full with his awesome breakfasts. Dave’s bus has been nicknamed “Dragonfly” because it drags slowly up the hills and flies down the other side.