About Us

A Team of Professionals Sharing What We Love

Established in the fall of 2008, Grant and Jennifer Outlaw procured a permit to provide whitewater rafting trips on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. Armed with a small group of guides, a bus, and a few borrowed rafts we started offering rafting trips in the spring of 2009.

For the first two years we used Carolina Outfitters on the Nantahala River as our homebase. We would drive the 60 miles to the Middle Ocoee put in, where we would meet our guests and raft all day. These first two years were filled with tough long days, but it is hard not to look back on them fondly. We got to share the whitewater we loved in one of the most beautiful places on earth in what seemed like the purest form.

During the winter of 2011 we moved into a three bay garage in Ducktown, Tennessee where we made our official home. Now just minutes from the Ocoee River we began to turn our new six acre property into a legit outpost and home for the Ocoee rafting season.

Since this time we have become a headquarters for highly experience and professional guides looking to share our love for this place and the awesome whitewater of the Ocoee River.

Meet Our Guides

The team that makes up Carolina Ocoee is a group of professionals who love sharing our passion for whitewater rafting, the Ocoee River in TN, and the mountains of the southern Appalachia.


Barry - Carolina Ocoee River Whitewater Guide


Patrick - Carolina Ocoee River Whitewater Guide


Gregg - Carolina Ocoee River Whitewater Guide


Paul - Carolina Ocoee River Whitewater Guide


Travis - Carolina Ocoee River Whitewater Guide


Magen - Carolina Ocoee River Whitewater Guide

Meet The Outlaws


Co-owner of Carolina Ocoee since 2009. Grant Outlaw runs the day to day operations of the outpost and is likely to be your bus driver, photographer, or guide. He loves spending his days with his family sharing the rivers, trails, and lakes of the Blueridge Mountains.


Jenny Outlaw is the better half of Carolina Ocoee, as the other co-owner. She is the heart of the company and manages all the behind the scenes stuff that comes with operating a business. When you call to make a reservation, you most likely will be talking with Jenny. She prides herself as a mother, wife, adventurer, and business owner.

The Family

A Note From The Owners

We started this company because we believe that we can offer a better whitewater adventure than we had experienced with other outfitters. Carolina Ocoee’s aim is to share the beauty, exhilaration and overall awesomeness of the Ocoee River. Our goal is to share this place and this river in a way that will leave you loving it as much as us. We take great care in picking and training our guides to make sure that we all share this same goal. Your trip with us will be one of professionalism with a focus on fun, safety, and education. We hope that you come raft the Ocoee River with us and experience the Carolina Ocoee difference.