5 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Ducktown, TN

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1) Hiking

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The Rhododendron Trail is an easy hike a little over three miles long. The trail is graveled and shady and offers some quiet solitude for your day, and even has some small waterfalls. The Rock Creek Trail is a moderate 10 mile hiking loop. It’s somewhat challenging, but it’s great for birdwatching and running (for those inclined). For those of you who love their dogs, you can bring them along to enjoy the great outdoors too as long as they are on a leash. Thunder Rock Trail is another moderate hike, with some uphill climbing, and takes only about an hour and half to complete. The Murphy River walk in Murphy, NC is a four mile walk along the Hiwassee River and Valley river where you can take in the ecology and beauty of the area. This trail is only a 30 minute drive from Ducktown, TN to enjoy some great outdoor adventure. Always look up the condition of the trails and plan for a safe fun hike.

2 ) Fields of the Woods

Image Source: Fields of the Woods

Fields of the Woods is a biblical themed park in Murphy, NC just about a 20 minute drive from Ducktown, TN. A.J. Tomlinson, the overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy, started this outdoor park back in 1940. The park’s themes include: Fields of the Woods Valley, Prayer Mountain, and Ten Commandments Mountain. Fields of the Woods is a quiet place to explore and contemplate life. It also includes nature trails and a gift shop.


Ducktown Basin Museum





It costs just $5.00 (less for seniors, veterans, and children) to explore the Ducktown Basin Museum. The museum sits on the old Burra Burra mine and brings to life the history and heritage of the copper mining community. The museum includes photographs and artifacts from when the mine operated from 1899 through 1975. The outside structures can be explored free as a self-guided walkthrough.

Turning Leaf Fine Art Gallery

A great place to explore American artists is at Turning Leaf Fine Art Gallery in Blue Ridge, GA, less than a 30 minute drive from Ducktown, TN. They have an impressive selection of wood art, pottery, jewelry, and much more from the finest artists in the United States. They host demonstrations and receptions, and the art is affordable.


Union County Farmers Market













Union County Farmers Market is less than an hour’s drive from Ducktown, TN. in Blairsville, GA. Everything is homegrown and handmade. Walk through and see what all the farmers and artisans have to offer. Everything you purchase is grown or made in the area. 

Bonus Adventure

As a bonus free adventure, visit the Nancy Ward Gravesite in Benton, TN less than an hour from Ducktown, TN. Why should you visit Nancy Ward’s Grave? She’s part of Cherokee Indian history instrumental in keeping the peace between white settlers and the Cherokee people. She was a strong advocate for women’s voices in American politics. Her gravesite overlooks the banks of the Ocoee river in a beautiful state park.

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